Kingfisher Gliding


Kingfisher gliding. Original watercolour.

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High quality giclee print that shows a dazzling kingfisher gliding.

Kingfishers areĀ  a family of small to medium sized birds from the order of Coraciiformes. Did you know that the Australian kookaburra is the worlds largest kingfisher? Many kingfishers around the world don’t actually eat fish! This gorgeous gliding kingfisher does eat fish and is sometimes known as a river kingfisher- it is a talented hunter.

The glimpse of a kingfisher gliding on a canal or river is always a magical thing- as kingfishers are just blue flashes as they fly past. When diving they can reach speeds of up to 25mph. They dive up to two feel below the surface of the water.

The reason that my paintings- and this one – kingfisher gliding- contain a solitary kingfisher is because they are territorial birds. They spend a lot of energy patrolling and controlling a stretch of water. This is mostly because a kingfisher must eat 60% of it’s body weight every day- so being solitary is essential to it’s survival.

This kingfisher gliding is a A4 sized giclee print. It is on artist high quality archivable watercolour paper. It comes mounted with a sturdy backing board and clear cellophane wrapping so that in it is fully protected during transport.

All paintings are my own designs and therefore completely original.

To see how I make paintings visit my youtube channel-

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Dimensions 30 × 21 × 0.25 cm


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