Birmingham Canal Navigations Map – A4 – By Minimal List


Birmingham Canal Navigations – A4 landscape map designed and created by Jo Morehouse (Minimal List).

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The Birmingham Canal Navigations – A4 landscape map print designed and created by Jo Morehouse (Minimal List).

This print is a colour coded Tube-style illustration of the main waterways that make up the Birmingham Canal Navigations. A colour coded key that shows the name of each waterway has been included in the design. The print shows the location and names of all locks and tunnels on the BCN, and while it does show the approximate layout of the waterways it is not to scale. The print is not intended as a navigation tool.

The idea for creating a Tube-style map of the Birmingham Canal Navigations first occurred to Jo when she was trying to plan her own cruising route through Birmingham. She couldn’t find a simple map which clearly showed all the different waterways of the BCN and how they connected together and so she decided to make one herself. The map design went through several iterations before she finalised on this version which is now avaliable for purchase as a print.

This A4 print only includes waterways that are currently navigable. The BCN has a long and fascinating history. Many of its waterways have been lost to development, are disused or are currently under restoration. These unnavigable waterways have not been included in the design.

The map is printed on a high gloss paper and is wrapped in cellophane with a rigid board for protection. It will be packaged in a manila envelope clearly labeled Do Not Bend.

This product has been designed and created by Jo Morehouse of Minimal List ( It is available for sale and despatched by Art by Annamarie.

Jo has also designed a selection of shirts and mugs based on the UK Waterways Map.

Jo travels the UK canals with her husband Michael and their Springer Spaniel George. You can follow their excellent journey at They are the first narrow boaters in the UK to receive the IWA Silver Propellor award.

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this map, however typos may still exist. Please let us know and we may correct it on a future release of the map. Due to the nature of the product, a typo is not considered as a fault – the map is sold as seen.

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