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Paint cats – this time they aren’t even mine!

A while back, I put a call out on Twitter for pictures of other people pets. I got an overwhelming response (which was great). In this week’s video, I show you how I painted a lovely picture of two cats snuggling.

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Painting watercolour Narrowboat and Dragonflies – part 3 & 4

In part three of the series I created to show the process of painting dragonflies and a narrowboat in watercolour paint, I show you how to add the narrowboat to the painting.

If you are following along with this series, I would love to see your attempts. Please share them with me on Twitter ( or Instagram (

In part four which is also the final part of the series, I add some finishing touches to the picture. If you would like to purchase a print of this painting, it is available to buy now in the shop.

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Watercolour painters toolkit

I’m having so much fun with my new channel and I really want you to be able to join in. So, I’ve put together a list of equipment that I use to help get you started.

This is just the equipment that I use and isn’t  a rule book. You can create with all types of things- it’s really about the practise more than the product.

I have put links in to the products below the video.

Canvas brush holder

This gorgeous heavy duty canvas brush holder is great for protecting brushes.

I also found one that includes brushes. I haven’t tried them myself but it looks like good value:

Windsor & Newton Watercolour Paint

These are the paints that I use. I recommend this kit as a starter kit that you can take to the beach or on holidays because it travels really well. I use these colours as a base for all of my paintings.

Windsor & Newton Watercolour Paper

This is the watercolour paper that I use and I can thoroughly recommend it. If you do find a cheaper one you might want to use it as practise paper though.

Water Colour Paint Brushes

These are the paintbrushes that I use and they are not cheap, but they are exactly what I need for the detail and coverage that I get. They are durable and look the same as the day I first got them.

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Painting watercolour dragonflies – part two

Part two of the “how to paint dragonflies and a narrowboat” series is now on YouTube.

This week, I show you how to paint the details of the dragonfly using watercolour and a fine brush. You could also do the same in pen.

To start this stage, it is very important that your paper is completely dry.

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Painting a canvas plaque of a narrowboat with a cat and dog

Hi guys, in this video I’m going to show you how to make this little plaque.

I usually pick up these small canvas plaques from a hobby shop or order them online. I am using watercolour paint.

Today’s finished plaque is of a cat and dog sitting on the bow of a narrowboat.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.



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Painting a narrowboat and some dragonflies – Part One

For this, you are going to need your watercolor paint and perhaps and tape to hold things in place. On the boat it gets quite wet so a hairdryer comes in handy too.

I’m going to use my finer paint brushes and also quite a large paintbrush to do the background. I also have my collapsable water container.

If you have any comments or questions about the video, please let me know. Part 2 will be posted next week.

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Introducing Art by Annamarie

Here is the introduction video for my new YouTube channel – Art by Annamarie.

Hi, welcome to Art with Annamarie

I’m Anna and I setup this website to show you how to paint, how to draw and how to take photos and making things with art.

No! It’s the other way around. It’s all about art and being creative…

It’s all about being creative and making things with art. I did it again!

Welcome to my channel which all about art and being creative.

On this channel you’re going to see tutorials that will help you paint using watercolours, draw using pencil and take some awesome photos.

So if that sounds like it’s interesting to you, why not hit the subscribe button and click the bell to be notified for upcoming videos.

I believe that everybody is able to be creative and everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy art.

Thanks for watching!