commission a painting

If you would like to commission me to create a unique watercolour painting, please email me at

A4 sized watercolour starts at £70. Contact me for specific pricing.

In the email, include details of any requirements and an image that I can use for reference. If there is a particular image style that you like, please mention that too.

The better the images that you are able to provide the better the final painting will be.

In some cases people have emailed me for a friend, as a present or for themselves as a memory of great times. I have never had any negative feedback about commissions. The reason is the communication- I will email you any ideas. I respond to any suggestions and if appropriate I sketch a design concept for you approval when needed.

Some artworks take longer than others, but I have been able to work to a compact four week turnover from when you place your order.

All artwork comes backed on a sturdy board and wrapped in cellophane. If requested a border can be left around the outside of the image for a mounting frame.

Here are some examples of some recent commissions that I have completed.