Meet the Artist – Annamarie Uren

Meet the artist - Annamarie Uren

Hi, I’m Annamarie Uren. I am a full time artist and roving trader. Originally from Australia, I now live and travel the UK canal network by narrowboat.

I’ve been drawing, painting and creating ever since I can remember. It’s my view of the world as well as my response to it. It’s how I understand my place here.

I’m inspired by colour and form and narrative. My artworks are made as a story. An often quirky retelling of an event or idea that if not captured would simply disappear.

I hope you enjoy my optimism and joy whilst you browse this site.

I completed a BA in Fine Arts with First Class honours and have a Masters in Education. After dedicating almost 15 years to education, both in the UK and Australia, I decided in 2018 to focus full time on my art. My current medium of choice is watercolour (as it fits neatly on the narrowboat). I have worked in video performance, sculpture installation and photography which I have exhibited internationally. I also enjoy writing and have published books on Amazon.

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For more about my life on a narrowboat, check out my YouTube channel: The Narrowboat Experience